Pyriatyn  district is located in the north-western part of  Poltava, in the forest-steppe zone, forming boundaries Hrebinka,  Lubny, Chornukhy districts of  Poltava region, Varva and  Pryluky districts of  Chernihiv region, Yahotyn district of  Kyiv region.

Pyriatyn district was formed in 1923.


At the entrance to Pyriatyn  from

Poltava   Kyiv or highly visible from a distance, a kind of architecture of  the  tower the bus station-1of orname 

-ntnoyu trim at the top. It was built  in 1951 and is nearly 30 meters high. Her image is placed in the first volume of the Ukrainian Soviet Encyclopedia Edition 1959.

The architectural sites  there is the Cathedral of the Nativity of  the Mother of God, built in baroque.

1781 in the funds Captain  Andrew Il’chenko Lubenskyi  Regiment, who lived  Pyriatyn, built and consecrated Cathedral of  the Nativity of  the Mother of God.

An interesting architectural sight is the farmstead of the Zakrevskys,  

located on the western outskirts

Berezova Rudka built in the second half  of the 18th   century. This a castle-park complex in new-baroque.

                                     In addition these

is also a burial vault of the Zakrevskys built in the form of an

Egyptian pyramid at the end of the 19th century by H. Zakrevsky,who

Serviced the Emperor Alexander III.

Length of  basis of  the  pyramid  7meters,  height of about 10 meters.

At the entrance was found a statue of an angel guardian. Inside the pyramid memorial altar with a cross in the center, on one side of the wall murals are painted with Scripture and quotations from the Bible.                                                           


The palace complex is connected to Berezova  Rudka park.

This park, which was created in the 18th century, has  been a national park since 1983. Its 45 hectares of  land contain about 40 types of trees and bushes, including  chestnut, birch, walnut,elm and pine tree alleys old.

The Saint Nicholas

Orthodox  Church

(in the village of Povstyn) was built in 1775.

This is the only wooden church that has survived to this time. Even now you can feel the uniqueness of those times.

Near the church there is an attractive public garden with a fountain and a place

  for rest.